Day 1 – April 30th – Middle Distance
Parking for day 1 is severely limited and the following restrictions will be in place:

  • Due to very restricted access roads and parking, cars with driver only will not be permitted access to the Parking areas – please arrange to car share.
  • If you are traveling in a motorhome then please read the motorhome parking note below carefully.
  • No vehicles will be allowed to park on the access road around Boranaralty bridge. Please respect this – we need to maintain the goodwill of local residents in order to be able to use the area in the future.
  • Please do not park anywhere along the Glencullen road.
  • The Event Parking will open at 11:30 hours.  A entry/exit curfew will operate on the day – cars will be allowed access from 11:30 to 14:30 hours – during which time no exits will be permitted.  Exit from the Parking Area will only be allowed after 15:00 hours.  If you have a late start time please ensure that you arrive at the event before 14:30 – no access to the Parking Area will be permitted after this time.

Day 1 – Motorhome Parking

Unfortunately no motorhomes can be accommodated in the event parking area. We have however, arranged with Coillte (Ireland’s State forestry management company) to use the forest at Tibradden (often referred to locally as the Pine Forest) for the parking of motorhomes.  The entrance to this forest is at GR O 138 227 (location map).  An area has been allocated to IOC competitors for the day. Please follow the directions of event officials.

The entrance to this area is approximately 4.5 km from the turn-off onto Boranaralty Lane (the access route to the Event Area).  A shuttle service will operate between 11:30 and 12:30 hours from the entrance to this forestry to the top of Boranaralty Lane.  From that point an event parking official will be asking fellow competitors to provide lifts to the Assembly Area.  Please note the parking curfew details given above i.e. no exit will be allowed from the event parking area until after 15:00 hours.

Tibradden is a public recreational parking area and can get very busy on bank holiday weekends.  Coillte have allocated us a separate parking area at the end of the public parking – please use this and do not park in the public area. Please arrange to be in the parking area as early as possible but certainly prior to 12:15 hours as it is approximately 5-10 minutes walk from the parking area back to the entrance –  the shuttle service will not operate after 12:30 hours. There will be no shuttle back to Tibradden after the event – all traffic exiting the event will pass the Assembly Area and Event Officials there will arrange for fellow orienteers to give lifts back. If you intend bringing a motorhome to the event (and have not already done so) please notify the Organisers in advance so that we can make detailed arrangements to accommodate you.

Day 2 – May 1st – Classic Distance

Parking /event will be signposted from Laragh village. Parking will be on good forest tracks. There will be 2 starts and one finish. The distance from parking to the starts will range from 100m to 2300m. A detailed map of the parking / start / assembly area is on the Day 2 Classic Distance webpage.

Day 3 – May 2nd – Relay

Parking on day 3 will be severely limited; therefore a zonal parking system will be in operation as follows:

Red Zone: This area is adjacent to the assembly area. Approximately 40 parking places will be available at this location on the basis of ‘ferry style’ parking. Irish competitors should select this option. The lock-in period will be short, probably until about 12:30. No motorhomes, buses or similar vehicles, or cars with less than three people will be allowed at this zone.
Green  Zone: This area is approximately 200 metres from the assembly area and is intended for our overseas guests who need to catch flights and ferries. Approximately 50 parking places will be available at this location. Irish competitors should avoid this zone unless directed to park there. No motorhomes, buses or similar vehicles will be allowed at this zone.
Blue  Zone: This area is located approximately 1.6km from the assembly area. There will be ample parking at this location for all vehicle types (including motorhomes, buses and similar vehicles). There will be a shuttle bus service to ferry competitors to/from the blue zone parking.

Irish cars with less than three occupants should go directly to the Blue zone; please do not try to enter the Red or Green zones.

For all three days car sharing is crucial – please make your arrangements early, respect the directions of the parking marshals and work with us to ensure that we can accommodate everyone and maintain the the goodwill of local residents and landowners.