Middle Distance

Saturday April 30th, 2011
Glendoo Ridge East, Glencullen, Co. Dublin

The IOC 2011 Middle Distance area is completely new to orienteering and was mapped by Pat Healy in 2011. The printed map is A4 in size at a scale of 1:10,000 for courses 1-9 and 1:5000 for courses 11 and 12. The contour interval for both maps is 5 m.

Junior courses (11 and 12) take place in a small section of mature open forest bounded by forest roads near the registration area. The going is wet and rough in places due to brashings.

All other courses (1 – 9) take place entirely on open mountainside. This consists of typical Wicklow bog-land and is exposed in poor weather. Runability varies from fair to good with occasional patches of heavier going in higher heather.

Some sections of the map contain numerous turf cuttings and/or pits. A turf cutting is essentially a vertical step where peat has been removed from the bog to provide turf for burning. Most turf cuttings have been represented on the map and the control descriptions using the brown earthbank symbol. Cuttings often occur in pairs consisting of facing steps with a low area in between. Where the distance between the two cuttings are small they are represented using the gully or small gully symbol or the ditch/drain symbol where wet. Where two cuttings face in opposite directions with a thin strip in-between they have been represented as an earth wall.

Smaller enclosed cuttings are represented in the control descriptions as depressions but are shown on the map as an area enclosed by the earthbank symbol.

Map: ISOM standard, printed on waterproof paper
Map scale:  1:5,000 for M/W 10/12 and 1:10,000 for everyone else.
Contour Interval: 5m

Survey and Cartography: Pat Healy of Map Masters, 2011
Basemap: Based on photogrammetric plots from Stirling Surveys.


courses 1-10: go to start 1
courses 11,12: go to start 2

# Km m Ctrls Scale Classes Start
1 5.3 200 21 1:10000 M21E 1
2 3.9 125 15 1:10000 M35L, W21E 1
3 2.8 120 13 1:10000 M21L, M40L 1
4 2.5 100 12 1:10000 M18A, M20A, M45L, M50L 1
5 1.9 80 12 1:10000 M16A, M55L, W21L, W35L 1
6 1.9 75 12 1:10000 M21S, M40S, M50S, M60L, W20A 1
7 1.7 70 10 1:10000 M65L, W18A, W40L, W45L 1
8 1.4 50 9 1:10000 M60S, W16A, W21S, W50L, W55L, W60L 1
9 1.4 45 9 1:10000 M14, M70, M75, M80, W14, W40S, W50S, W60S, W65L, W70, W75 1
10 1.1 30 9 1:5000 Orange EOD 2
11 1.0 30 8 1:5000 M12, W12 2
12 1.0 30 10 1:5000 M10, W10, Yellow EOD 2

EOD: There are two entry on the day courses of approximately Yellow standard (for beginners) and Orange standard (for competitors with some experience) – details at the Assembly Area.

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions in IOF format are printed on all maps and additional loose control descriptions will be available at both starts. For Junior courses (Courses 11 and 12 only) the loose control descriptions will be available in both IOF and written descriptive form.

SI Timing

All courses use SI timing with a punching start. The download for all courses will be in the Assembly area. All competitors must download regardless of whether they finish or not. Results will be displayed in the Assembly Area. Any enquiries should be directed to the Event Team at the Assembly Area.


Start 1 for Courses 1 – 9 is approximately 1.3 km and 70 m climb from the Assembly Area. Note that the route to Start 1 passes by Start 2.

Start 2 for Courses 11 and 12 is approximately 700m and 30 m climb from the Assembly Area. Note that the route to Start 2 passes by Finish 2.

Call-up at both starts will be at -3 minutes. Start 1 has an additional -5 minute pre-start area. This is unmanned although the current event time will be on display there. The start is on a narrow track, with limited space, so we are asking that competitors do not proceed beyond the pre-start until 5 minutes before their allocated start time. Competitors who arrive too early at the start will be asked to return to the pre-start area.

Seeded elite competitors should ensure that they collect their numbers at the start. Numbers should worn clearly visible. Seeded elite competitors will be informed by email of their number number.

Clothing Transfer

There will be no clothing transfer from either start. A clothing dump will be provided at the -5 minute pre-start area for Start 1 only, which is adjacent to the finish. Competitors can leave clothing in the bags/boxes provided for pick-up after they’ve finished.


Finish 1 for courses 1 – 9 is adjacent to the -5 min. pre-start area i.e. approx. 1.2 km from the Assembly Area.

Finish 2 for courses 11, and 12 is on the forest road 200 – 300 m from the Assembly Area.

Both finishes will be manned.

Map Reclaim

Maps from courses 1 & 2 will be collected at Finish/Download  until after the last start time and they can then be reclaimed from the Information Point.  All other competitors may keep their maps after finishing, but please uphold the spirit of fairness and do not show to runners still to compete.


Please read the event safety information carefully. In addition full leg  covering is recommended.
Parents are advised that there are several log stacks near the Day 1 Assembly Area. These are dangerous and children should not be allowed to play near or climb on these stacks.

Assembly Area

The Assembly Area will open at 12:00 hours. Toilets will be available at the Assembly Area. First Aid will be available at the Assembly Area (a Paramedic and GP will be available). Please inform any event official as soon as possible of a potential problem.

Refreshments – the Brew Crew will be on station to provide Tea, Coffee, Water, Orange Squash and Biscuits etc.

Shelter/Storage will be available at the Assembly Area.

There will be a string course (not buggy friendly) for small children.

Prize Giving

Prizes will be awarded on the Sunday evening, 1st May, in the Event Centre.


Accompanied/shadowed juniors are not eligible for prizes, please declare them to be non-competitive.


Mobile phone coverage in the area is poor. Please follow the country code and leave no trace principles. Please bring all rubbish home with you – don’t leave it to the organisers to dispose of full rubbish bags.