Coordinated by Colm Hill of CNOC, the Irish Junior Orienteering Squad will be running a Mini-O in the Kippure Estate Event Centre on the evening of Saturday April 30th, after the Middle Distance Championships. All proceeds will go to the Junior Squad. First start approx 6PM.

There will be 3 courses, you run all 3 and your total time decides the winner! Courses are approximately 200 to 400 metres on a 1:750 scale map.

There will be 4 classes: Junior, Senior, Vets and Super Vets.

There will be no control codes – instead there will be a dot in the centre of the circle to show exactly where your control is. Each mis-punch incurs a 30sec penalty. You are allowed 3 mis-punches before disqualification.

Mini-O is sometimes called “Orient Show”. Here is a good video on youtube that shows what it’s about.