The Team

IOC 2011 is brought to you by:

  • Championships Coordinator: Denis Reidy, Ajax
  • Middle Distance Planner: Paul Smyth, Ajax
  • Middle Distance Organiser: Donal Wickham, Ajax
  • Middle Distance Controller: Padraig Higgins, MNAV
  • Classic Distance Planner: Aonghus O’Cleirigh, Ajax
  • Classic Distance Organiser: Mike Long, Ajax
  • Classic Distance Controller: Stuart Scott, UCDO
  • Relay Planner: Marcus Geoghegan, Ajax
  • Relay Organiser: Brendan O’Connor, Ajax
  • Relay Controller: Brendan O’Brien, KerryO
  • Maps: Aonghus O’Clerigh, Ajax
    & Pat Healy, Map Masters
  • Chief Technical Officer: Martin Flynn, Ajax
  • Quartermaster: John de Lacy, Ajax
  • Financial Controller: Donal Wickham, Ajax
  • Webmaster: Marcus Geoghegan, Ajax
  • Entries Secretary: Phil de Lacy, Ajax
  • Online Entries: Marcus Geoghegan, Ajax
  • Control Collection: Defence Forces Orienteers
  • Event Centre: Tara Horan, Catherine Lyons, Aine Rice, Ajax
  • Prizes: Mike Long, Ajax
  • Mini-O: Colm Hill, CNOC & the Irish Junior Squad
  • Model Event: Ruth Lynam, CNOC