Monday May 2nd, 2011
Glendoo Ridge West

The IOC 2011 Relay competition area is part of the west facing slope of Glendoo Ridge and consists of open heather-covered terrain with many old peat cuttings and gullies.

The runnability is generally very good. Some of the heather has been burned in recent years and is quite fast. In one small area the heather is still thick.

There is a network of paths in the North-West part of the competition area, otherwise the terrain has few paths.

The competition area is bounded to the West by the Dublin to Sally Gap road (R115) and slopes steadily upwards to the top of Glendoo ridge.

Map: ISOM standard, printed on waterproof paper
Scale: 1:7,500 Contour Interval: 5m
Survey and Cartography: Aonghus O’Cleirigh of Ajax, Pat Healy of Map Masters, and Peter Kernan of Ajax. Surveyed or rechecked in 2011.
Basemap: Based on photogrammetric plots from Stirling Surveys and LIDAR data from the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

Team Formation

Relay team formation rules


Please come to the Information point on Day 1 or Day 2, or at the event centre, to collect your relay team envelope. Note that you must come to the information point even if you have fully declared your team on SIentries. If you have not declared your runners on SIentries then you will also need to fill in a team declaration form.  The closing time for team declaration is 6PM on Sunday May 1st in the event centre. Your team envelope will contain: three bibs; safety pins; final info sheet.

Control descriptions

These will be printed on the front of the map in IOF symbol format, except for courses J36-S-A and J36-S-B, the two shortest junior courses, which will have text control descriptions on the maps. There will be no loose control descriptions available at the event.

The dominant features on the map are formed by peat (turf) extraction. This leads to the formation of linear banks, about 1-2m high, where peat has been cut away on either side, and linear troughs, about 1-2m deep, where peat has been extracted. In order to accurately describe these features two non-standard control description symbols have been used: peat bank and peat cutting.


The photos below show two typical examples.

First photo: typical peat cutting
Second photo: typical peat bank

Assembly Area

Parking is arranged in a zone system, please study the parking arrangements carefully in advance of arriving. Toilets will be located near the start/finish. The Brew Crew will be on station to provide Tea, Coffee, Water, Orange Squash, sandwiches etc. The finish area is very open and there are a lot of opportunities for cheering on your clubmates and for photography/videography. Most of the competition area is highly visible from the assembly, so binoculars are recommended for spectators.


All courses will be exclusively on open mountain terrain – if the weather is bad please remember to bring warm clothing. Please read the event safety statement carefully.

Mass start

All first leg runners must be at the call-up in the assembly area at 09:30. The first mass-start will be at 10AM. If you are late for your mass-start then you will be deemed to have started at 10AM.


Each team member must wear their bibs at all times during the relay. Please display them clearly on the outside of all of your clothing and do not cover it while running.


The road (R115)  that bounds the map to the west is strictly out of bounds. Any competitor seen on this road will be disqualified and the remainder of his/her team will not be allowed to start.

Course Information

Course Class Km m
J36-S-A Junior 36 1.6 20
J36-S-B Junior 36 1.6 20
J36-L Junior 36 2.1 20
J48-S Junior 48 2.1 20
J48-L-A Junior 48 2.4 25
J48-L-B Junior 48 2.4 25
H18-S Handicap 18 2.3 25
H18-M Handicap 18 2.8 25
H18-L Handicap 18 4.1 60
H12-S Handicap 12 2.8 25
H12-M Handicap 12 3.3 40
H12-L Handicap 12 4.3 70
H6-S Handicap 6 3.3 40
H6-M Handicap 6 4.1 60
H6-L Handicap 6 5.3 70
WP.1 Women’s Premier 4.4 60
WP.2 Women’s Premier 4.4 60
WP.3 Women’s Premier 4.4 60
OP.1 Open Premier 5.3 80
OP.2 Open Premier 5.3 80
OP.3 Open Premier 5.3 80
EOD-L EOD 4.8 75
EOD-M EOD 2.2 40