Relay Teams

The following information is extracted from
IOA Competition Rules, Appendices and Guidelines Amendments, version April 2010

8 Classes for the Irish Relay Championships (Amended September 2007 and September 2008)

8.1 The following classes shall be provided for:-

Open Premier
Women’s Premier
Handicap 6
Handicap 12
Handicap 18
Junior 48
Junior 36

8.2 Teams shall consist of three competitors from the same IOA, NIOA, or IOF affiliated club in the Open Premier, Women’s Premier, Junior 48, and Junior 36 classes.

8.3 Combined teams of men and women may compete in the Open Premier, Handicap, and Junior classes.

8.4 The total orienteering age of the three club members shall be 48 years or less in the Junior 48 class, and 36 or less in the Junior 36 class.

8.5 In the Handicap competitions, the handicap points by age class are as follows:-

Orienteering Age Class Handicap Points

M21 0
M20, M35 1
M18, M40, W21 2
M45, W20, W35 3
M16, M50, W18, W40 4
M55, W16, W45 5
M14, M60, W14, W50 6
M65, W55 7
M70 or over, W60 8
W65 9
W70 or over 10

The total handicap points for teams entering the three Handicap competitions are:-

Handicap Class Total points

6 6 to 11
12 12 to 17
18 18 and over

8.6 To cater for the abilities of competitors of different ages, each Handicap team shall complete a short, medium, and long course, and teams will be advised prior to registration, the order in which these courses will be run.